THE GREENHOUSE QUậN 7 Classic, Fine Cuisine

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4 sao trên tổng 230 đánh giá
19 Jul 2020 tại 22:28 Average, if I'm being generous. Not sure I understand why the community was so upset this place almost closed.
16 May 2020 tại 10:44 Really good pizza. Chocolate “cake” is more like a brownie and just average.
8 May 2020 tại 21:19 We asked for one of the pizza's to have no mushrooms since my mom does not like them. But the pizza came and there were mushrooms all over it. Also when the pizza came it was not hot and it did not look fresh. The pizza delivery man was nice when he came
10 Dec 2019 tại 6:18 Ordered at 5:50, requested a 7:00 delivery. The delivery came at 7:40. There was no contact from the restaurant, I had to call myself for an update. Neither the restaurant nor the driver seemed sorry about the delay. The food was ice cold once arrived.