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4 sao trên tổng 227 đánh giá
10 Dec 2019 tại 6:18 Ordered at 5:50, requested a 7:00 delivery. The delivery came at 7:40. There was no contact from the restaurant, I had to call myself for an update. Neither the restaurant nor the driver seemed sorry about the delay. The food was ice cold once arrived.
4 Aug 2019 tại 22:32 Delivered a bit slow food was awesome
24 Nov 2018 tại 20:21 The pizza capricciosa was terrible and cold. Bland and no anchovies, which are an essential ingredient in capricciosa. A zero out of 10. The pasta dishes we ordered were OK but nothing special.
28 Oct 2018 tại 6:11 Good quality food though pizza had cooled some by time delivery.
20 Oct 2018 tại 8:18 Excellent
19 Oct 2018 tại 10:21 Excellent delivery and food
7 Aug 2018 tại 13:27 I often overlook this place, but I'm not sure why. Everything I order is well-cooked and tasty. Food arrives hot and orders have always been correct and complete. I generally always like the salads and pizzas, but go for a chicken cordon bleu and mash.
26 Jul 2018 tại 10:44 Everything delivered right on time, in good quality. Delicious food!
18 Jul 2018 tại 0:37 Delivery was fast (though we ordered only two items from the menu). The restaurant should raise hygiene standards as I found two pieces of hair in my Sicilian salad. Whoever cooks should wear hats, covering their hair, to prevent it getting in the food!
11 May 2018 tại 8:33 I was giving two of the same pizza, but I ordered the greenhouse and the gorgonzola. The chicken salad was really good. The tiramisu was just cream, no lady fingers or sponge...I think there was something missing?
9 May 2018 tại 8:04 1 hour to deliver.
20 Apr 2018 tại 15:10 osso bucco was disgusting - what a joke for 350k.very little meat which was tasteless.lots of fat. sauce tasted only of oil and salt. al